Datum: vrijdag 1 mei 2015
Aanvang: 21:00 uur
Deuren open: 30 minuten voor aanvang



It all started with 1 man, 2 feet, all instruments, a voice and a Digital JamMan (looper) to combine all these together. Born and raised in the USA, and still breathing Seattle, Jonny Smokes was determined to get that non-typical more than grungy sound all over the world. In April 2013 a full band was formed to bring the real Seattle energy to life. With a setlist that takes you from the early sixties ‘till now, the whole history of the true sound of the multicultural musicianship of Seattle is brought to life on stage. The obvious grunge and alternative hits of the 90’s such as ‘Black’ by Pearl Jam, ‘Fell on black days’ by Soundgarden, and obvious Nirvana tracks are interlaced with classics like Jimi Hendrix and The Sonics, 80’s metal like Queensryche and Sanctuary, as well as modern hits by Modest Mouse, Deathcab For Cutie and even Macklemore! In the middle of the show, the band switches from full force to a more calming and intimate accoustic set, which gives the quiet time even more intensity. During this part of the show Jonny Smokes‘ voice reaches that fragile part that pulls the heart strings and drowns the sorrows. Ending again with a rebound of total rock power to let all the accrued emotions out, makes this show a fun filled night of musical entertainment. Truly the ultimate Seattle experience!

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